Lantern Woods 'Award of Excellence                             
Sooke Fine Arts Show 2018  
Bryan Harvey has exhibited peer reviewed large format photographs in the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles.
,The online ublicationCreative Quarterly,the Waterfront Gallery in LadysmithBC.
After being judged by 25 of the top galleries in the U.S. Bryan received the 2015 American Arts Award Third place for "LightlyUnfurled "in the non -manipulated Still Life category."Clivia"tied for fifth place in the same category. "Marie Canyon"
tied for sixth place in the non manipulated photography landscape category.
"Sticking it to the Jug" tied for sixthe place in the American Arts Awards 2016 non manipulated still life photography. category.

"Lightly Unfurled"was displayed at Sooke Fine Arts 2015                    


"Bear Water" and "Sticking it to the Jug"* were two photographs chosen for the
  Ladysmith Fine Arts Show 2016.

"Coho Stream" was chosen for the Sooke Fine Arts Show 2019